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The following data are available:
  • Number of shortable shares available and the cost to borrow those shares for all US-listed stocks
  • Daily short volume information from FINRA, CBOE, NYSE, and NASDAQ
  • Twice monthly fails-to-deliver information from the SEC
  • Our proprietary short squeeze score
  • Daily short sale transaction data from CBOE
  • 13F-HR and NPORT-P filings data (institutional holdings) from the SEC
  • Comprehensive intraday options data
  • Analyst ratings
  • Daily stock trading signals
  • User-created articles
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2022-09-27Dollar Strength and Its Devastating Consequences (for some)
The Dollar Let's start by looking at a long-term chart of the US dollar vs a basket of currencies. It's important to note the currencies that make up this basket: the euro, Japanese yen, British pound, Canadian dollar, Swedish krona and Swiss franc in that order. Here's a quick chart of that compos...
2022-09-24Economic Calendar (2022-09-26 - 2022-09-30)
2022-09-24Earnings Releases (2022-09-26 - 2022-09-30)
2022-09-23Different Types of Trading Systems
Trading Systems There are a vast array of trading systems for investors to choose from. We will go over many of them in this article. Whether it's a trading system designed to trade in and out multiple times per day or a longer-dated trading system that trades in yearly time frames, we will cover t...
2022-09-22The Curious Case of AMTD Digital Inc (HKD)
HKD Yet another meme stock, AMTD Digital Inc. (HKD) is an interesting story. It debuted on the NYSE in July of 2022 at $13/share. By trading as high as $2555.30 within about two weeks it gained a quick following. Just look at this chart. It is a wonder to behold. As this type of move happens it...
2022-09-21Long Story Short on Short Interest
What Is Short Interest? Short interest is a snapshot of the total short positions for a given stock as of a certain date. There is a significant lag in the data release. The important dates to keep in mind are the settlement date, due date, and publication date. The settlement date is most importa...
2022-09-16Year End Rally
Few Expect It Wall Street is pretty bearish these days and for good reason. Inflation is high and the Federal Reserve has been raising interest rates to try to keep it in check. There are signs everywhere of an end to high prices if you know where to look. Let's look at some key commodities: Crude...
2022-09-15Trading System
Impressive Results The trading system is the crowning achievement of decades of market study coupled with the ability to programmatically backtest a very large number of scenarios. The end result is a system that you can rely on to help you get through the most difficult market environments-- like ...
2022-09-13The importance of the rebate rate
Rebate Rate So what is the rebate rate? We're all aware of the fee rate to borrow stock in order to sell it short, right? OK, well, maybe I'm a bit too presumptuous. Let's start at the beginning. Say you want to short a stock. You've done all the due diligence and you've determined that the stock i...
2022-09-11Mullen Automotive Inc. (MULN) Acquires Controlling Stake in Bollinger Motors Inc.
Mullen Makes Its Move The acquisition of Bollinger Motors is one of the largest in the history of the electronic vehicle (EV) industry. It is also the first foray into the EV space for Mullen, which is a development-stage EV manufacturer. This acquisition will give Mullen an industry presence in me...
2022-09-07Highest Borrow Rate Stocks
Borrow Rate The borrow rate is the annual percentage rate that someone pays to short stock. When you short stock you're actually borrowing the shares from your broker and then hoping to return those borrowed shares back to the broker at a lower price. In some cases this borrow rate can be punitive....
2022-08-30Short Squeeze Candidates
The Elusive Short Squeeze Just what is a short squeeze anyway? When a stock has a large enough short position market conditions can create this fairly rare type of situation called a short squeeze. The stock price might go up because of some news event or a trader or firm may have to cover an exis...
2022-08-25Student Loan Debt Relief
They Said It Couldn't Be Done Prominent Republicans and Democrats alike have criticized the idea of student loan debt relief at one time or another. In July of 2021, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said President Joe Biden does not have the executive authority to issue "debt forgiveness," arguing tha...
2022-08-18Electric Cars Are No Panacea
Electric Cars Yes, they're really cool. I own one. Zero emissions and all that. There's one problem. They won't save the world by themselves. There are many problems to overcome. One of the major advantages of crude oil and gasoline is that they are liquids. They are relatively easy to transport o...
2022-08-10Employment Situation in the US
Headline Numbers The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported an increase of 528,000 jobs and a 3.5% unemployment rate in the US last week. These numbers are the results of two surveys, the establishment and household surveys, which are usually pretty similar, however, in this report the differences...
2022-08-04Cloudflare shares surge after raising guidance
Cloudflare Beats Expectations Cloudflare Inc. (NET) reported better than expected numbers after the close on 2022-08-04. Revenue was $234.5 million compared to $152.4 million in the same quarter last year representing a very strong 54% growth rate year over year. Earnings per share were worse, but ...
2022-08-02Why China Is Not To Be Feared
The Rising China Myth It's quite popular these days to assume that China will dominate the 21st century and eventually eclipse the United States economically. There are many reasons why this view is completely without merit some of which I will explain here. Demographic Collapse It's well known t...
2022-07-29How high will the Fed go
Hiking Cycle In an effort to stave off inflation the Federal Reserve began its current hiking cycle earlier this year. The rate of increase has been remarkable. The main way the Fed affects economic activity is through mortgage rates, which move in lockstep with the 10-year Treasury, but the 10-yea...
2022-07-23The real worry is deflation
Prices are at 40-year highs Inflation talk is all the rage right now, and for good reason. Price increases are at 40-year highs, and most people alive in the US and elsewhere have never experienced anything like this in their lifetimes. The chart below shows the extent of the damage. Even excludin...

Our Trading System

We have created a proprietary trading system. The idea is to steer people toward stocks that tend to perform best over time with more predictability and fewer harrowing drawdowns. We have developed this system over the course of many years and have subjected it to rigorous backtesting and statistical analysis. No system is perfect, and we certainly don't claim perfection, but our results speak for themselves.

We performed a rigorous statistical analysis on our trading system. We bootstrapped 1000 instances using 20, 30, and 40 random stocks from the S&P 500 list and calculated maximum drawdown from inception (1990). Below are the results of these tests:

20 random stocks bootstrapped 1000 times
Annualized return:24.12%
Average maximum drawdown for entire portfolio:29.31%
Standard deviation:6.61
95% Confidence Interval:16.35, 42.27

30 random stocks bootstrapped 1000 times
Annualized return:24.16%
Average maximum drawdown for entire portfolio:27.13%
Standard deviation:5.02
95% Confidence Interval:17.28, 36.98

40 random stocks bootstrapped 1000 times
Annualized return:24.15%
Average maximum drawdown for entire portfolio:26.14%
Standard deviation:4.19
95% Confidence Interval:17.93, 34.35
Furthermore, we tested an equal weighting of $10,000 invested in every S&P 500 stock as it's presently constituted. All gains were considered to be reinvested.

The importance of all this is that there is safety in numbers. Even during the depths of the great financial crisis of 2008 a diversified portfolio using our system still performed well. There are no future guarantees, of course, but this exercise helps to give you an idea of what to expect in terms of performance and drawdown. Drawdown is calculated from every new all-time high.

How does it work?

The trading system is a black box. It generates trading signals for stocks at the close of every market day for trades to be placed the following market day at the open. Subscribers get these daily signals for up to 50 stocks at a time. Consider giving our trading system a try. We think your results will be dramatically improved. Watch a quick video to see how it works.

"I like your site because it seems that it approximates what hedge funds do with their algos. It offers some objective information in a sea of nonsense." Mary from Tuscon, AZ

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